OBJECTS balance of differences (I AM BEAMS) by Kojiro Nagumo

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This book features the diverse collection of items in the home of Kojiro Nagumo, a creative director who has been involved in visual merchandising and store interior direction for over 30 years at BEAMS, a leading select shop in Japan.

Spread across 192 pages, the book showcases items of various countries, eras, and brands, unraveling Nanjo’s approach to and perspective on these objects.

– A must-have for anyone interested in a wide range of interior styles.
– A reference for understanding “the perspective in choosing items.”

The book also includes conversations with individuals who have close ties with Nanjo, such as actor Masahiro Motoki, chef/artist Masayo Funakoshi, and contemporary artist Yuna Yagi. In a world overflowing with information and objects, this book provides insights into what draws one’s attention, what to purchase, and how to arrange these items.

Release Date:
February, 2023

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Kojiro Nagumo

After joining BEAMS in 1985, he took charge of the furniture division in the 1990s. At the same time, he oversaw Visual Merchandising and Display (VMD) for all labels, from casual to dress styles. Entering the 2000s, he directed store interior designs and launched over 120 stores. As a decorator, he has purchased various furniture, objects, and art both domestically and internationally. In his current position, he also handles product and interior direction for clients outside of BEAMS.

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