Fascinated by Showa Cafes (Showa Kissa), 819Shops

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Yu Hirayama, author of the popular blog “Showa Spot Tour”, has visited 819 Showa coffee shops since 2012, when he started keeping records. It is a book that introduces 104 carefully selected from among them with photos and text.

It is a preserved version that includes many phantom famous shops that are no longer there. At the end of the book, there is a complete list of Showa Cafe Exploration [819].

Spiral staircase, atrium, chandelier, stained glass, double ceiling, acrylic door, door handle, glass block, mosaic tile, flake stone, marble table, lounge chair, glossy chair, arch window, natural wood Counter, figured glass, veneer, plaster wall, wallpaper, decora covering, hardware partition, pot holder partition, pendant light, bracket light, lace curtain, accordion curtain, Kinkazan fabric, water heater, pink telephone, cash register, commercial use Mills, parfait glasses, silver plates, wax samples, uneven bricks, decorative tents, ivy, latticework, relief signboards, store name logos……and more



Release Date:
March, 2023

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Yu Hirayama

He was born in Tokyo in 1968. Since 2012, he has been reporting on locations where you can experience the Showa era, regardless of genre, through his blog “Showa Spot Tour”. He has visited and documented over 2200 spots. He has a particular affection for Showa-era cafes, having visited over 1000 across all 47 prefectures (819 of which were recorded from June 2012 to November 2022). He even lives in a completely recreated Showa-era home, having purchased and renovated an old standalone house.

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