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Illustrator Yusuke Saitoh has been active in a wide range of genres such as book and magazine covers, advertisements, fashion, and music with his realistic expressions. This book is a collection of his works spanning over 20 years.

The book is composed of a nonstop mix of client work and original works presented at exhibitions and other events, and is not categorized by genre of work.
The magazine is composed of a nonstop mix of work that is not categorized by genre, etc. The music jackets, music magazine covers, and film advertising work depicting many musicians and actors from Japan and abroad are also highlights.
The variety of production methods, from digital to hand painting and drawing, allows the viewer to appreciate the diversity of expression, from a profound and powerful style to a flat and light touch.

Release Date:
January, 2023

Author profile

Yusuke Saitoh

Born in Yamagata prefecture.

Born in 1978.
2003 Graduated from Vantan Design Institute, majoring in illustration. Since then, he has been working as an illustrator.

He mainly creates digital paintings. He collaborated with YOHJI YAMAMOTO for the 2017 Paris Collection, and is active in both domestic and overseas media such as advertisements, bindings, and CD jackets.

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