Yukoring Collection of Works & Illustration Making – A Pretty Girl Drawn with Transparent Watercolor

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Girls drawn in a gentle atmosphere of analog. This is the long-awaited official collection of Yukoring, a popular artist with more than 120,000 followers (as of March 2023) on Twitter and Instagram.

Pretty girls spelled with transparent watercolor illustrations. A book to enjoy watching the illustrations and techniques.

There are many illustrations of girls in the image of each season in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the making, we follow the steps with photos and carefully approach the secrets of the technique. It is a book where you can draw backgrounds, flowers, and clothes that match the season, and learn the color scheme that images the four seasons.

feature Yukoring Gallery
Chapter 1 Tools and Techniques
Chapter 2 Yukoring Interview ―Inspiration for the work―
Chapter 3 Spring Making & Illustration
Chapter 4 Summer Making & Illustration
Chapter 5 Autumn Making & Illustration
Chapter 6 Winter Making & Illustration

Release Date:
April, 2023

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She is currently active as a freelance illustrator, creating artwork using transparent watercolors. She has a preference for illustrations that convey light and a sense of transparency. Her favorite motifs include traditional Japanese clothing, flowers, grass, trees, light, sunlight filtering through trees, hair arrangements, and frills.

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