Watching insects, drawing insects-The work of Itsuro Kawashima, a specimen painter

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The appearance of insects of only a few millimeters drawn by the specimen painter Itsuro Kawashima while looking through a microscope.

Not only illustrations of general books, but also many paintings by Itsuro Kawashima, who has supported many domestic and foreign studies. In this book, the work is posted in almost full size. Please enjoy the fine pointillism and beautiful lines created by the amazing observation eye.

*German style, boxed

Table of contents ●
● Chapter 1 Collection of Works
Beetles, bees, dragonflies, modeling of insects, insects, camellia elephants, dragonflies, insect faces / shapes, ants, fireflies
“Many points that bring life to life” Munetoshi Maruyama, entomologist
“History and Significance of Biological Paintings in Natural History Science” Hiroshi Senou, Ichthyologist
● Chapter 2 The World of Itsuro Kawashima
Why draw insects, specimen drawing tools, basic drawing work, drawing procedure

Release Date:
January, 2022

Author profile

Itsuro Kawashima

Born in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1969. Biological painter.
He is in charge of specimen painting in specialized books and academic papers.
He is a former researcher at the Yokosuka City Museum of Nature and Humanities, a former curator at the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Life and Earth, and a former chief of nature at the Kawasaki City Youth Science Museum.

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Itsuro Kawashima


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