wacca works – Oyogu yume wo mita (I dreamed of swimming.)

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Wacca is an illustrator who is attracting attention on SNS. A collection of 160 pages of illustrations from the early days to the latest works.

1. Many retro items from the Showa and Heisei eras are available.
wacca draw cute and pop nostalgic goods such as cassette tapes, box-shaped TVs, and Gameboys.

2. Create a QR code from the popular video on SNS.
An animation that moves with stylish music. Please enjoy the two worlds of still images and videos.

3. Posted Q&A approaching the back side of wacca.
Illustration, animation, production process, client work, wacca. Divided into five categories, this book approached behind the scenes that you can’t usually hear.

4. An illustration that looks like everyday and extraordinary It is nostalgic, but it is the first time.
Real but fantasy. It takes you somewhere other than here, as if you were daydreaming.

Release Date:
August, 2023

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A creator who produces illustrations and animations with a concept centered around “an everyday yet somewhat extraordinary worldview.” Their work is characterized by a color palette based on blue and characters whose expressions are concealed. They are active in a wide range of genres, including music-related projects, advertising, and book design.

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