Vanilla Mania! – Vanillaware Official Art Book

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This is an art book that allows you to enjoy the history of Vanillaware, a game development company that has released numerous masterpieces to the world since its establishment in 2002.

A number of delicate, warm, and beautiful pieces of art are carefully selected and recorded from all titles developed by the company to date.

A small number of art pieces for “Princess Crown” and “Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion” created by Vanillaware representative Moriharu Kamiya before the company was founded are also included.

Some of the art includes comments from the staff who created it, as well as an interview with Basiscape, who handles the sound. There are also plenty of reading plans.

[Recorded titles (in descending order of release year)]
●Grim Grimoire OnceMore
●13 Sentinels Defense Zone
●Dragon’s Crown Pro
●Odin Sphere Leifthrasil
●Dragon’s Crown
●Grand Knights History
●Oboro Muramasa
●Odin Sphere
●Grim Grimoire
●Fantasy Earth The Ring of Dominion
●Princess Crown

Release Date:
June, 2023

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