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An expert in cuteness! This is the first collection of works by Ui Shigure, an illustrator who loves high school girls.

In addition to the group of works drawn on the cover and at the beginning of the book, most of the original works are included.

The book also includes a large number of self-selected representative copyrighted works such as “Childhood Friends Never Lose in Love Comedy,” “WIXOSS,” and “Ozora SUBARU. The entire book is filled with beautiful works.
Included at the end of the book are the making of the book and a “Ui Shigure school costume Zukan”.


Release Date:
August, 2020

Author profile

Ui Shigure

After working at a game company, started working as a freelance illustrator. He is in charge of a wide range of light novel illustrations, games, and TCG illustrations.
His representative works include the light novel “Childhood friend never loses romantic comedy”, TCG “WIXOSS” card illustration, VTuber “Ozora Subaru” character design. He has recently become a VTuber himself and is active in multiple fields.

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Ui Shigure


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