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This is the first art book for Tsuchika Nishimura, who is active as a manga artist and illustrator.

Not only the works used for work as illustrations, but also many original works that have been drawn so far are recorded, and the number of published works is more than 100.

The second half of the page contains a total of 6 works, including the manga works “WHEN I’M 60”, “I am Nisaison Beads”, “Soen”, “Girlfriend”, “Lost in Tower Records”, and “2014 Golden Week Moomin Exhibition Matsuya Ginza”.

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October, 2019

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Tsuchika Nishimura

Manga artist / illustrator. Born in Kobe in 1984. Debuted in 2010 with the short story “Adventure of Nakayoshi Dan” (Tokuma Shoten). Received the 15th Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division New Face Award for this work. In addition to manga, he also handles design and illustrations for many books, and CD jackets.

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