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The second art book of the illustrator “Toaru ocha,” whose detailed and elegant worldview is popular.

Active mainly on social media, she is supported by a wide range of generations, especially young women, as an illustrator of the next generation. Her works are primarily drawn with analog materials such as Copic pens and transparent watercolors (with some digital coloring), and each meticulously detailed piece captivates and holds the viewer’s attention.

This art book is themed around “DOLL,” expressing a beautiful, translucent doll-like worldview.

Release Date:
February, 2024

Author profile

Toaru ocha

A skilled illustrator who loves analog painting.
She has many fans, especially among young women, for her meticulous line drawings and delicate painting.
She began showcasing her work on Twitter around 2014. Around January 2020, she transitioned from digital production to analog hand-drawn creations using watercolors.
She has released many works featuring motifs such as girls, flowers, and angels.

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