Three Doctors – Flip Book (Mouhitotsu no kenkyujo Parapara Book Series vol.12)

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The “Mouhitotsu no kenkyujo” is one of the present laboratories headed by Santa Claus (CEO). Their latest “Para-Para Books”, a masterpiece of innovative ideas and elaborate technology, has three stories lurking around the theme of the three doctors. three Para-Para Books merged into one!

The three doctors have secrets.
One studies in the eye.
One is kept in the ear.
One is kept in the mouth.
Like a roller coaster ride, the doctors’ research proceeds.

[Introduction of the three doctors]
“The Doctor with Eyes”
Each person sees the world differently. It is inevitable that we cannot share the world we see with other human beings. However, we should not force our world on others. The view you see is yours alone. Everyone is different, so we should accept each other even if we don’t understand each other. If we can do that, there will be no conflict.

“The Ears Doctor”
The earwig I am studying is a useful creature that cleans ears. My ambition is to make them popular. But they only grow well in the ears they like. My research is at a standstill. It’s a problem.

“Mouth doctor”
You can tell a lot about a person’s life by looking at the shape of their teeth. Based on that, please try to guess what kind of life I lead.

Release Date:
July, 2018

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mouhitotsu no kenkyujo

It is one of the present research institutes led by Santa Claus (CEO).
A mysterious research institute that only makes interesting presents that Santa Claus doesn’t approve of.

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