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Ryohei Yanagihara, one of Japan’s leading ship painters, illustrator, designer, manga artist, and writer, had been active for over 50 years.

He died unfortunately in August 2015, but his work is still loved by many.

His first full-scale collection of works knitted with works published in various media has finally been completed.

The work of Ryohei Yanagihara, who has been active on the front lines for more than half a century, including bindings, picture books, manga, animation, goods and original works, is summarized here.

Many works that can only be seen in this book, such as valuable early works, advertisements, and phantom serialized manga, are posted!

Ryohei Yanagihara’s work and works are widely summarized, focusing on advertisements / commercials, bindings, and picture books, as well as pictures of ships, which are his life work.

Release Date:
December, 2015

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Ryohei Yanagihara

August 17, 1931-August 17, 2015

Japanese illustrator, manga artist, animation writer, essayist. Born in Tokyo.

He is known as the creator of “Uncle Tris” and as an unrivaled ship lover. He was also a director of the Sail Training Ship Nippon Maru Memorial Foundation in the past.

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