Kuon no Niwa “The Twelve Kingdoms” Art Book (Vol. 1) – Akihiro Yamada

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The beautiful illustrations by Akihiro Yamada that color the world of “The Twelve Kingdoms,” spun by Mayumi Ono, are fully included in this collection.

The first collection includes illustrations published from 1991 to 2006, as well as illustrations for related products, including some previously unpublished works. In addition, 27 color and 68 black-and-white illustrations are newly drawn, for a total of 95 illustrations!

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July, 2014

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Akihiro Yamada

Born in Kochi prefecture in 1957. Manga artist and illustrator, his manga debut in 1981 with “Padang Padang”. Even as an illustrator, he has worked on many book designs and illustrations. He also works on games, anime character drafts, and movie concept designs. In 1996, he won the 27th Seiun Award. He was appointed as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Manga, Kyoto Seika University in 2014.

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Akihiro Yamada


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