The Japanese Demon’s Illustrated Book

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Along with approximately 160 historical paintings from the Muromachi period onward, the origins and genealogy of representative demons are explained in an easy-to-understand manner. In this one book, you can learn all about Japanese demons. Includes parameters that show the abilities of 34 representative demons.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Home of Demons – Mt.
Chapter 2 Exterminated Demons
Chapter 3: The Human Who Became a Demon
Chapter 4 Spreading Demons
Chapter 5: Demons Born of Buddhism
Source: “Oni no Nihon Chizu” (Map of Japan by Oni)

Demons appearing in this book
Ogre of Ayogo / Rikumimikasa / Ogre of Mikamigatake / Eigo, Karuzoku, Tsuchikuma / Shuten Doji / Ibaraki Doji / Kidomaru / Ura / Ootakemaru / Maeoni Gogoi / Gyuoni / Fujiwara Senkata no Shikoni / Princess Hashi / Oniome Momiji / Kibaba in Adachihara / Kiyohime / Abenakamaro / Michizane Sugawara / Yakko Hyakki / One-dimensional demon / Kintarou no Oni / Kobutori Grandfather’s demon / The demon that Chuhei Fujiwara met / demon of Suzakumon / Otsue / Kishimojin / Yasha / Rasen / Enma / Gyutoumatou / Jigokusei / Turekubaba / Kakei Ou / Hungry demon / Housogei

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December, 2021

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