The Complete Guide to Drawing Clothes for Mini Characters – Girls’ Edition

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This book is a technique guide focused on drawing clothes for mini characters. In many books on how to draw mini characters, hairstyles and clothing tend to be an afterthought, but this book makes them the main focus, introducing various types and explaining how to draw them.

1. How to draw the basic form of mini characters
2. Various hairstyles for mini characters
Short, long, ponytail, twin tails, and over 15 other types
3. Various fashions for mini characters
Over 40 types including dresses, pants, uniforms, casual wear, and dresses

Release Date:
March, 2024

Author profile

Yukke Morita

Currently active in SD illustration production. Specializes in creating chibi characters, including small objects and animals, and excels at expressing them in a miniature garden-like world view.

  • Cover Corporation: Mini-character illustration production for “Holostars English -TEMPUS- Valentine’s Day 2023”
  • Animate Co., Ltd.: Mini-character illustration production for “Sword Art Online -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night” and the TV anime “Chainsaw Man”

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Yukke Morita


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