The Best Encyclopedia of “Character Painting” for Digital Illustration: Drawing with Clip Studio Paint Pro/EX!

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From the popular series “Digital illustration drawing encyclopedia series”, a new “painting” encyclopedia is born! Explanation of brush touch with 76 videos. You can try painting immediately with the benefits of “custom brush” and “line drawing”.

・Illustration quality
10 talented professional artists with diverse touches are participating, and you can learn well with beautiful examples.

・Easy to understand the procedure
Explanation of the procedure by disassembling each part such as “skin”, “hair”, “eyes”. You can clearly see the layer structure, brushes, RGB values, and drawing points.

・Ease of understanding of the video
A constant speed video is attached for each item. Accessible by QR code and URL. By watching the video and the paper together, the understanding will be overwhelmingly deepened.

・ Download benefits
You can get all the data you want, such as layered CLIP data for 10 people, custom brushes, custom color sets, and line drawing data.


01 Atikix’s brush painting: Preparation for painting / skin / eyes / clothes / hair / finishing
02 Zumitiri’s brush watercolor painting: Preparing for painting/Skin/Eyes/Mouth/Hair/Clothes/Glasses/Books/Finishing
03 Yoshitsugi Yoshida’s transparent watercolor painting: Preparing for painting/Skin/Eyes/Hair/Clothes/Accessories/Finishing
04 Chiroru Kamioka’s Real Brush Painting: Preparing for Painting/Clothes/Skin/Eyes/Hair/Finishing
05 PJ.Potechi’s anime painting: Preparation for painting / skin / hair / eyes / clothes / mandarin orange / finishing
06 Mikkun’s watercolor painting: Preparing for painting/Skin/Hair/Eyes/Clothes/Sakura/Finishing
07 Becco’s Watercolor Luminous Paint: Preparing for Painting/Hair/Skin/Eyes/Clothes/Accessories/Finishing
08 Saine’s pastel painting: Preparing for painting/Skin/Eyes/Hair/Clothes/Accessories/Finishing
09 Yasutaka Kaburagi’s Thick Coating: Preparing for Painting/Undercoating/Lighting/Hair/Skin/Clothes/Phone/Adding Light/Accessories/Finishing
10 Kurumitsu’s Colorful painting: Preparation for painting / rough / skin / hair / eyes / clothes / finishing

Release Date:
December, 2020

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