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Yoh Yoshinari is an anime creator and illustrator known for “Gurren Lagann” and “Little Witch Academia”. His work is dense and his drawing ability is overwhelming. There are many fans of Yoh Yoshinari in the industry. For the first time, his work has been compiled into a single volume, “The Art of YOH YOSHINARI : Illustrations”.

This book contains as many of Yoh Yoshinari’s illustrations as possible!

The book includes not only anime-related works such as “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Gurren Lagann” and game-related works such as “Valkyrie Profile” and “Grandia III,” but also extremely rare ones such as phone cards from doujinshi stores, overseas events, doujinshi magazines, and so on.In addition, the book includes illustration roughs and line drawings, as well as an interview with Yoh Yoshinari. This is a book that will satisfy even the most maniacal fan.

Release Date:
September, 2015

Author profile

Yoh Yoshinari

Born in 1971. Born in Tokyo.
His older brother is Yoshinari Kou, who is also an animator.

After graduating from Tokyo Designer Gakuin, he joined Madhouse in 1992.
He transferred to Gainax in the same year and was enrolled for many years, but is currently enrolled in TRIGGER in the form of being invited by Mr. Hiroyuki Imaishi.

Not long after he became an animator, he was in charge of most of the battle scenes in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

He specializes in drawing mecha and action scenes, and draws distinctive effects such as explosions (Yoshinari Explosions) and smoke that have a particularly strong touch but are considerably deformed.

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