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Toshihiro Mori, who is active as a graphic designer and illustrator The first collection of works to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his activity.

Toshihiro Mori has a unique world view that makes you feel human while being stylish by combining analog line drawings and graphical elements.
From people, animals, plants and insects to skeletons, ghosts, vehicles and buildings, we combine all kinds of motifs to create a free world that is not bound by unique colors.

Includes about 200 works from the beginning of the activity to the latest work, including more than 30 drawings, which are created from the loveliness of sensuous modeling and stylish and logical design.
Also pay attention to the page that summarizes the analog line drawings that were redrawn for the art book from the original illustrations exhibited and sold at the solo exhibition “8_9” held in 2018.

In addition, as work pictures, many works such as CD jackets such as “Momoru Gavan” and “GOOD ON THE REEL”, illustrations for fashion magazine “FUDGE”, goods illustrations sold at Village Vanguard, and Marui’s event key visuals. Recording.

A memorable book where you can fully enjoy the trajectory of Toshihiro Mori for 10 years.

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July, 2021

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Toshihiro Mori

Graphic designer / illustrator. He lives in Tokyo. He combines analog line drawings with graphical elements to create his own stylish yet humane worldview.
He consistently works on various artwork designs. In addition to energetically producing and presenting works such as holding solo exhibitions every year, he also participates in collaborations, workshops, and lectures at universities.

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