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Tekken, a comedian celebrating the 10th anniversary of his first book. A book that allows you to draw real para-para manga just by tracing!

It is very easy to use. Just “trace and copy” the illustrations in the book!
When you copy and paste the 30 sheets of manga, you will see fun mechanisms such as animals, vehicles, and ghosts spinning and flying. In addition to the five original stories in this book, it also includes some of Tekken’s popular sketches. It is a book that is fun just to look at.

・Five Tips for Skilled Parapara-manga Drawing
・Parapara manga 1: A person spinning around
・Parapara Manga 2: Fallen Leaves and a Honeybee
・Submarines and ships
・Bird droppings and a bear’s hat
・Parapara Manga 5 Obake no Baseball Tournament
・Parapara Manga Special Sketch
・Let’s cut out and use it! Parapara manga sheet
・Cut it out and use it!

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August, 2021

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Comedian. He has always been good at drawing, and is popular for his art style of flipbooks and sketchbook jokes. Representative works include “Pendulum”, which was used in the music video of the British band MUSE, “Kazoku no Hanashi”, a film and stage adaptation of Tekken’s hometown, Shinano Mainichi Shimbun, which commemorates the 140th anniversary of the publication of the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun, and the NHK drama series “Ama chan” and the promotional video for the Disney movie “Big Hero 6”.

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