Technique Book – Comprehensive Explanation of Character Illustration by Naoki Saito

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This is a technique book that covers Naoki Saito’s illustration techniques. Techniques useful for completing character illustrations are summarized in one volume.

Tips for drawing cute faces, how to draw hair without fail, composition methods for drawing attractive poses, how to paint colors to control character drawings, how to create original characters, etc.

Chapter 1 Points for character drawing
Chapter 2 Character shines! composition method
Chapter 3 Master the line drawing!
Chapter 4 Control the character picture! how to color
Chapter 5 How to draw a background that looks good
Chapter 6 How to make an original character

Release Date:
July, 2023

Author profile

Naoki Saito

Born in Yamagata prefecture.

He entered and graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University. After working for Konami Digital Entertainment, he now works as a freelance illustrator.

As a YouTuber, he also works as a creator to disseminate useful knowledge and techniques for illustrations.

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