Tech Noir-The Art of James Cameron

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This is the first collection of James Cameron’s work.

The book includes design drawings, blueprints, and concepts from “Piranha ,” “Terminator,” “Alien 2,” “Titanic,” “Avatar,” and other films, as well as non-film works such as the drama “Dark Angel. It also introduces the setting, story, and concept art of the fantastic science fiction film “Xenogenesis,” which he had been working on as his directorial debut.

In addition, there are manga from his childhood, sketches from his school days depicting aliens, distant worlds, and amazing technology, posters that didn’t sell at all, and drawings for rejected projects. The book also includes posters, art, and designs for low-budget films that he drew during his apprenticeship.

This book, entirely narrated by Cameron, is full of episodes, such as how he started working for Roger Corman, the king of B-movies, what happened on the set of his debut film, “Piranha ,” why Giger was not hired for “Alien 2,” and the story behind the creation of the famous character from a conversation with Stan Winston. Cameron’s design philosophy, his curiosity, his vast knowledge, and his personal life are also revealed.

Foreword by Guillermo del Toro
James Cameron, the man who draws maps in his head
Chapter 1: Dreaming with Eyes Wide Open
Chapter 2: The Human Imitation
Chapter 3: Xenomorphs
Chapter 4: Into Space
Chapter 5: The unexplored world
Chapter 6: Bonding
Chapter 7: You Can Change Your Destiny

Release Date:
December, 2021

Author profile

James Cameron

Film director, screenwriter, film producer, explorer.

Born in 1954 in Caps Casing, Ontario, Canada. In 1978, after dropping out of California State University, Fullerton, he produced a 35mm short science fiction film “Xenogenesis” with his friends. After being involved in the art and visual effects of low-budget films at Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, he directed his first feature film, “Piranha II: The Flying Killer,” but dropped out in the middle of filming. He made his full-scale debut with “Terminator” (1984) and became a hit maker with the following “Alien 2” (1986). Since then, he has produced a series of blockbuster works such as “Terminator 2” (1991), “Titanic” (1997), and “Avatar” (2009). He is also actively working on the development of video technology such as digital 3D.

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