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A collection of dainty costume designs and character illustrations by Eku Uekura.
These illustrations, which depict the owner of the western clothing store “Sugary Girls” in a world as sweet as sugar, consist mainly of original illustrations created under the concept of “girls who look like they are made of sweet sugar” since 2020.

The book also includes many contents only available in the book, such as the making of the cover illustration of “Sugary Girls,” design sketches, and fashion design drawings that were actually created as costumes.

The book contains approximately 120 pieces of diverse artwork, including character designs for VTubers as well as her work in the commercial scene, where she has collaborated with numerous companies.

Please enjoy the sweet and delicious world spun by Eku Uekura, including lovely pastel colors, meticulous costume designs, and lively motifs such as sweets.


Release Date:
December, 2022

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Eku Uekura

Illustrator. She creates creative illustrations on the theme of “a girl who looks like she’s made of sweet sugar.” She works in a wide range of fields such as event key visuals, character design, and collaboration illustrations with companies.

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