Steampunk World in Photoshop by Munashichi

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Up-and-coming illustrator “Munashichi” depicts “steampunk world”.

“winding piping,” “intricately meshed gears,” and “steam drifting here and there.”……Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that attracts the most enthusiastic support among the Steampunk world.
Popular illustrator Munashichi, who specializes in fantasy art, will teach you how to draw such a retro and cool world in Photoshop.

*All descriptions are in Japanese.

Munashichi explains the basics of layer structure and painting, the production flow using Photoshop’s 3D function, how to create perspective, how to produce different time periods, how to draw backgrounds, objects, characters, and costumes, and more through the making of many works!
In addition, at the end of the book, there are line drawings of illustrations drawn especially for this book, as well as a gallery page of works.
The book offers a fascinating view of the world woven by Munashichi, including an abandoned house by a lake, a room filled with atmospheric furniture, characters wearing gorgeous decorations, and vehicles arranged in a steampunk style.

The “Photoshop 3D function” used for rough drafts and object creation in this book is scheduled to be discontinued with version 22.5 (please refer to Adobe’s website for details). PSD data of the preliminary drawing (with layers combined) is included as downloadable data, but if you wish to read it as well as the explanations and illustrations, please install and use a version of Photoshop with the 3D functionality (This book recommend Photoshop 22.2).


Release Date:
September, 2022

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An illustrator who draws a unique fantasy world with motifs such as townscapes, factories, abandoned houses, and huge buildings.

Masterpiece: Color cartoon collection “ANDAERΦ Andero” / “Digimon World Re: Digitize” background design / “6 DX in the faraway space and time” world view design / “Tales of Zestilia” “Tales of Verseria” concept design participation / “Glass Flower and the World to Break” World Concept Design / TV Anime “Princess Principal” Concept Art / Picture Book “Pupel in Entotsu Town” Main Illustrator / “Ghost Town Ghost Candy Shop” Series Design / “Fantasy Old Bookstore” “Coffee” series design / “Thank you for reincarnating in another world” series design and many others

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