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Little Thunder’s art book from Japan! She has over 500,000 Instagram followers. A Hong Kong cartoonist and illustrator who fascinates people all over the world.

Over 100 pages of her illustrations that continue to draw strong and supple women.
Also, the manga “City Of Darkness”, “The Artists”, “Loser” and its sequel “Lost Forever” (drawn for this book).

[From Prologue (Little Thunder)]
“Why don’t you draw women with single eyelids?” “Why don’t you draw people of various races?” “I wish I could draw a man’s picture.” For a long time, every time I was told such a thing, I always had trouble answering (I actually draw a lot of men’s pictures, but many people do not notice it). So I thought about it again and finally understood.
The answer is simple. “I’m just drawing what I want to draw.”

[Comment by Hisashi Eguchi]
“When I look at her picture, I find that I like drawing and it makes me want to draw.”

002-003 Prologue + Contents
004-112 Artworks
113-187 Comics
188-197 Little Thunder Interview
198-200 Katol Lo Interview
201-203 Eguchi Hisashi × Tanaka Misaki Special Talk
204-205 Work List + Book list + Profile
206-207 Epilogue

Release Date:
July, 2019

Author profile

Little Thunder

Cartoonist and illustrator. Born in Hong Kong in 1984.

At the age of 11, he first posted in a manga magazine in Hong Kong, and at the age of 15, serialized the manga “SEED” in “Hoshijima Nippo” (newspaper). After graduating from high school, he started his career as a professional and published comics and illustrations in comic magazines in Hong Kong as well as in the Guangdong region of China.

Participated in 2009 Corsica Island Cartoon Fair, Tokyo Design Festa, and Toy Show in Taiwan and Singapore.

In 2009, he received the “Apple Baby Cat” Kodansha Morning International Newcomer Cartoon Award Sub-Award, and the “Kylooe” Ministry of Foreign Affairs Presidential International Cartoon Award in 2011. His activities range from paintings such as the novel “Budo Kyoyuki Trilogy” (author: Yasuo Takashi), CD jackets, interiors and collaboration with fashion brands.

In 2017, the “Happiness Hong Kong” project was realized in collaboration with Misaki Tanaka and CHAI. My hobbies are pole dance and photography. cat lover. Instagram@littlethunder

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  1. Amazon Japan customer

    A collection of works by Little Thunder who was interested in Instagram! The pictures, manga, and interviews were good.

  2. Baptiste BOUCHON

    A wonderful art book by little thunder

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