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The first art book by Shiori Matsuura, an illustrator who draws beautiful female figures.

The book contains her original works that are at the forefront of “Bijin-ga,” as well as carefully selected commercial illustrations and early works.
The book also includes a postscript by Kannon Hanabusa and 51 Q&A sessions that explore the secrets of her creative process.


Release Date:
November, 2021

Author profile

Shiori Matsuura

Born in Obihiro, Hokkaido in 1993. She lives in Sapporo and graduated from the Illustration Department of Hokkaido College of Art & Design.
As an illustrator, she mainly works on book design, and she also works on the theme of “beautiful women” that she sometimes thinks of.
She is a writer published in the long-selling art book “Beauty Painting Borderless” (published by Geijutsu Shimbun). She has many solo exhibitions.

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Shiori Matsuura


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