SHINRIKYOMEI: Yotsuda Sun Art Works – Illustration Making & Visual Book

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The long-awaited first collection and making-of of illustrator Yotsuda Sun, who continues to pursue paintings that capture the hearts of viewers using psychology.

In addition to personal productions, the published works include the original drawings of the TV animation “X Anime”, which is the author’s first challenge. Based on the original drafts collected under the theme of “scary stories that chill the spine”, it is drawn with a unique touch.

This art book traces the transition of his work from the early days of his activities to the present. This is a luxurious book that includes carefully selected works and newly drawn illustrations.

Release Date:
August, 2023

Author profile

Yotsuda Sun

A male illustrator born in 1994. Utilizing his self-taught psychology, he develops his work mainly on SNS with his style that resonates with the viewer. In addition to illustration, he is engaged in a wide range of activities such as subject modeling and lectures.

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