Shigeru Hatsuyama – Unfinished Dreams

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A book that commemorates the Shigeru Hatsuyama 50th anniversary of his death and looks back on the novel fantasy world.

He is a representative Japanese children’s painter who was active in the fairy tale magazine “Otogi no Sekai” and the picture magazine “Kodomonokuni” from the Taisho era to the Showa era.


【table of contents】
Introduction Chihiro Art Museum 1 Birth of children’s paintings 2 Protean lines 3 Self-printed woodblock prints 4 Children’s dreams 5 The world of stories 6 Light, water, rainbows, and birds

“Line” Shigeru Hatsuyama “Reminiscence of Shigeru Hatsuyama” Takeo Takei

My Father’s Inside Sancha Shirota
Shigeru Hatsuyama Chronology
From Shigeru Hatsuyama’s Sketchbook
Shigeru Hatsuyama Impossible Dream Fumiko Ueshima

Release Date:
March, 2023

Author profile

Shigeru Hatsuyama

He was born in Tokyo. After graduating from elementary school, he worked in a metal shop and a pattern painting studio, later studying under the Japanese painter Sengai Igawa.

In 1919, he drew attention by creating the cover for the fairy tale magazine “Otogi no sekai”. From then on, he handled a large number of children’s book projects, such as the picture magazine “Kodomo no Kuni”. While being inspired by Western art trends, he based his work on the tradition and aesthetic sense of Japanese decorative painting and ukiyo-e, developing original works.

In 1927, he co-founded the Japan Children’s Picture Book Artists Association with Takeo Takei and Kiichi Okamoto. He also did a lot of work in woodblock printing.

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Shigeru Hatsuyama


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