Seizo Watase Self Selection Collection – Heart Cocktail Spring Stories

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The heart cocktail definitive edition carefully selected by Seizo Watase himself! This book, the first in a 4-volume series, contains 25 works set in summer.

“Heart Cocktail” (1983-1989) has fascinated many readers with its urban and sophisticated style.
This is an anthology consisting of 4 volumes, summarizing masterpieces carefully selected by the author himself from among the vast number of works for each season of “spring”, “summer”, “autumn”, and “winter”.
By correcting and coloring the raw manuscript with the latest digital technology, the coloring at the time of serialization has been faithfully restored.

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July, 2021

Author profile

Seizo Watase

Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1945 and raised in Kokura, Kitakyushu. He graduated from Kokura High School.

After graduating from Waseda University’s Faculty of Law, he started producing manga while living a salaryman life. In 1974, “Big Comic” was selected for the 13th Comic Award, and since 1983, he has continued to draw adult love stories, such as his masterpiece “Heart Cocktail” and “Na”, a love story of a couple living in the beautiful scenery of Japan. ing.

He has also produced numerous posters for government publicity and illustrations for corporate advertisements, and as an illustrator he has held exhibitions both in Japan and overseas and has been well received.

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