SD GUNDAM Historia: SD GUNDAM Side Story

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A book that explains the story of the “SD Gundam” series and the history and genealogy of the characters that appear. The navigator is the “newly designed SD Gundam” by painter Koji Yokoi!

First, this book introduce the world of “SD Gundam Gaiden”, which is set in a Western fantasy world, which is also the starting point of the story.
The “SD Gundam Gaiden” series, which was born from Carddas released in 1989 and is still in development, is a particularly popular series derived from Knight Gundam designed by Koji Yokoi.
The story and characters developed by Carddas are fully posted with color illustrations.

Whether you want to know more about SD Gundam or know the name but don’t know the story, it will be a history textbook for “SD Gundam” for everyone.

Release Date:
June, 2023

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