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This book is a large-format anthology that introduces 32 contemporary creators and their works, which draw the world of the near future and fantasy with various illustration expressions and outstanding techniques.

A devastated apocalyptic world, a society with advanced science, human beings and cities where machines and high-tech are fused, characters traveling in infinite space, novel gadgets with huge potential, the future that I dreamed of at that time …….
With beautiful printing and binding, you can explore the highlights of the science fiction genre with illustrations.

Please enjoy the breathtaking world view and images imagined by 32 creators to your heart’s content.

At the end of the book, there is also an illustration making by Atsuya Uki, a videographer and illustrator who continues to draw a unique world view with vivid colors and bold composition.

Language: Bilingual (Japanese / English)

[Cover illustration / making]
Atsuya Uki

[Illustration drawn]
Estio / waneella

[Published authors (in alphabetical order, titles omitted)]
Ahmond / Asutero id / AF_KURO / APO + / EVILVIT / Ibuki / Tateri Ueda / Atsuya Uki / Estio / Eokaku PETER / Kashiwai / Katayukiko / Kuroimori / K, Kanehira / Sakatsuki Sakana / CLT / JNTHED / Sheng Lam / SWAV / Osamu Taniguchi / Hata Tsujono / neco / Novelance / Gear Rapto / PALOW.



Release Date:
July, 2021
Japanese & English

Author profile

Yasuji Hanamori

In 1946, he established the Costume Research Institute in Ginza with Shizuko Ohashi and others. In May, he published the fashion magazine “Style Book” for women, which was the predecessor of “Kurashi no Techo”.
Two years later, he launched “Beautiful Living Notebook,” and he was the editor-in-chief for the next 30 years.

He focused on practical themes to enrich food, clothing and shelter, and created a number of famous projects such as “product testing” and “records of living during the war.” He has released 152 volumes of “Kurashi no Techo”.

Yasuji Hanamori’s Books

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