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Popular series” Rittorsha Maiden Bookshelf “, this work is a vivid modern remix of Osamu Dazai’s” Schoolgirl “by Kira Imai, an illustrator known for her works that tickle the girl’s heart, such as fashion brand Angelic Pretty. This is a gem collaboration series presented by writing all the illustrations.

At the end of the book, there is a series of essays by Tahi Saihate, a poet and novelist who is known for “Good Morning” and “Shinde Shimau Kei no Bokura ni”.


Rittorsha Maiden Bookshelf Series

Release Date:
November, 2016

Author profile

Kira Imai

Born in Hyogo prefecture. She has contributed to fashion brand Angelic Pretty, magazines, and novel bindings. Her collection of works includes “Moon Girl”, “Shoujo no Kuni”, and “Pannier Kira Imai Her Lolita Works”. She continues to be supported by Lolita girls for her unique atmosphere that is unrivaled.

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Kira Imai


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