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Uniform illustrations, patterns by grade, region, season, detailed illustrations for each part, and a huge number of school girl illustrations.
The development view of the uniform is a must-see!

■ Contents
Sailor suits, blazers, eaterons, boleros, ribbons, skirts, ties, shirts, vests, buttons, loafers … etc.

■ Sailor suit commentary content
What is a sailor suit? / Name of each part of the sailor suit / Development drawing / Seasonal variation / Eight-sided drawing / Sailor color / Classification and pattern according to the shape of the sailor color (Kanto collar, Sapporo collar, Kansai collar, Nagoya collar)
Rear collar / collar cover / molded tie (ribbon / others) / molded tie (width tie) / scarf / cuffs / inner / sewing

Release Date:
March, 2020

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Born in Niigata prefecture. Lives in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. He has been active as a commercial cartoonist and illustrator since 2014. He started painting in earnest when he was in his second year of high school, drawing a derivative work of the Touhou Project on a pen tablet and uploading it to Pixiv, which was just opened at the time.
Since then, he has created the theme of “uniforms”. His tall body is characterized by a deformed character design. He flexibly draws his style in manga and illustrations.

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