Sakana Sakatsuki(Sakatsuki Fish) art works – Planetarium ghost travel

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A collection of works by Sakana Sakatsuki(Sakatsuki Fish), which is popular on SNS, with works that invite you to the world of blue fantasy.

In addition to the works published in the douujinshi that have been significantly revised, a 256-page volume that includes the WEB serialization “Climbing the Star Trip Boy Tower” in Pai Comics, a newly drawn illustration + story “Tobias’s Trip”, etc.

Please enjoy the quiet, gentle and sad world spelled out with manga, illustrations, illustrations and stories.

~ Excerpt from the postscript of this book ~
I have been drawing the wind and story of “a certain universe” for almost four years.
In this collection of works, the scenery of different eras is divided into four parts: “Star Trip Scenery”, “Sleepless Boy Going to the Moon”, “Star Trip Boy”, and “Tobias’s Trip”.
I hope you enjoy it while imagining various things as if you were looking at an unknown landscape from a small window.

Release Date:
April, 2021

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Sakana Sakatsuki

Illustrator / manga artist. With the theme of “memories of a journey in space,” he draws a lonely and quiet world with gentle brush strokes.

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Sakana Sakatsuki


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