RONDO : The ladies’graphic magazine -a fictional creation of Hiromi Matsuo

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Six years after “Department Store Waltz,” Hiromi Matsuo’s long-awaited new publication.
Set in the setting of the women’s magazine “RONDO,” which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, this all-color comic and illustration collection depicts articles and advertisements from fashion magazines of each era, as well as episodes from the people involved, through illustrations and cartoons.

The inspiration and excitement that Hiromi Matsuo received from old-time foreign and Japanese fashion magazines is expressed in the form of the fictional magazine “RONDO. Above all, it contains her passion and support for magazine culture.


Release Date:
December, 2022

Author profile

Matsuo Hiromi

Illustrator. Lives in Okayama. Her books include “Department Store Waltz” and “Illustration Making & Visual Book Hiromi Matsuo”. She is also active in book design. She likes kimono and modern architecture.

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