Real Action Pose Collection 06 : Falling, Floating, Gravity Action

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The sixth installment of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action poses by a full-fledged action director, karate master, and action actor.

From falling, floating, flying to gravity battle!
The tension and relaxation of hair, skirts, fingertips, and muscle parts at the moment of being released from gravity are captured instantly!
Sailor uniforms and swimsuits are used to capture the action of floating, falling, tumbling, exploding, flying, running forward and horizontal to the ground, ninja running, a girl falling from the sky, and other moments of being freed from gravity.
The same action is performed in uniform and swimsuit, and the fluttering of skirts and ribbons, the movement of hair, the visibility of stomach and legs, as well as the tension and relaxation of each muscle part in the air are clearly visible.


Release Date:
June, 2022

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Isao Karasawa

Born in 1972, from Nagano prefecture. He is an action director and action coordinator. When he was a child, he was influenced by Hong Kong movies, learned martial arts such as karate and judo, and learned action by himself. He is also an active stuntman and has performed many stand-ins for famous actors.

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Isao Karasawa


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