Precure 20th Anniversary – Precure Costume Chronicle

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This book is an expanded and revised edition of the “Costume Chronicle,” created in 2018 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Pretty Cure. It’s a comprehensive guide to the fashion of 78 Pretty Cures.

【Main Contents】
– Pretty Cure All Stars (Fashion Museum of all 78 Pretty Cures)
– Interviews with 78 Pretty Cure voice actors about their “Favorite Fashion Points” & “Uplifting Quotes”
– Color and detail-specific Pretty Cure Style Fashion File
– First reveal! Special forms and original characters from the movies
– Explaining Pretty Cure toys, etc.

【Special Interviews】
– “How Pretty Cure was Created” told by the “three creators” of the first-generation Pretty Cure! Interviews with Producer Wasuo Sora, Series Director Daisuke Nishio, and Character Designer Akira Inagami (reprinted)
– A solo interview with Wasuo Sora looking back on the 20th anniversary of Pretty Cure
– “The Power that Creates the Appeal of Pretty Cure,” interview with Character Designer Toshie Kawamura (reprinted)
– Interview with Character Designer Yukiko Nakatani and Producer Aki Murase
– Interview with Character Designer Atsushi Saito and Producer Maki Takahashi
– Interview with Manga Artist Futago Kamikita
– Interview with Bandai’s former toy charge
– Interview with Fashion Creative Director Ayumi Gunji
Among others, the book is packed with interviews with these legends!

Release Date:
October, 2023

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