Practical Collection of the hairstyle Recipes

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This book is a book for learning, practicing, and applying the basics of hair and how to express it. More than 67 types of practical hairstyles for men and women are introduced from various angles.

Hair is an essential element in character illustrations, but many people are worried about how to express it and how to combine hairstyles. Hair is an important part of an illustration, just as changing your hairstyle can change the overall impression of your face.
Once you are able to express the hair in a different way, the range of expression in the illustration as a whole will expand.

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September, 2023

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Kurakichi Sam

Illustrator. They specialize in illustrations of men and women in their 20s and enjoy creating fashionable atmospheres. They are mainly active in a wide range of activities, including jacket illustrations for voice dramas, VTuber character designs, and SD illustrations.

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Kurakichi Sam


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