[Magazine] Illustration – Pokemon Card Game Desktop Calendar / Mar 2021

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[Special Feature 1] “Pokemon Card Game” from the perspective of illustration

<Special Appendix> “Pokemon Card Game” Desktop Calendar 2021-2022 (Beginning in April)

<Cover> Drawn by Mitsuhiro Arita.

<Introduction of successive illustrations> From the first “Pokemon Card Game” released in 1996 to the latest “Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield”, the illustrations drawn on successive cards are excerpted and posted. ..

<Interview 1>
Mitsuhiro Arita (illustrator)
<Interview 2>
Satoru Nagaya (Creatures Art Director)
<Interview 3>
Yu Nishida (Illustrator, “1st Pokemon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix” Grand Prix Winner)

<Until the “Pokemon Card Game” is made>
What kind of process is there to complete the illustration of the Pokemon card game?
This time, we will publish the production process with valuable rough and exchange of corrections to finish it like a Pokemon card.

<The place where “Pokemon card games” are born>
We interviewed the office of Creatures, which develops Pokemon card games. Where are Pokemon card games created?

<“Pokemon Card Game Certified Illustrator” Roundtable>
We will invite four illustrators who draw illustrations for Pokemon card games to gather and tell the story behind the creation as well as the charm of Pokemon card games.
Participating illustrators: Kirisaki, Koki Saito, sowsow, Kagemaru Himeno (honorific title omitted)

<“Pokemon card game illustration” drawn by 7 illustrators>
A dream project that illustrators draw down the Pokemon they want to draw for this special feature has been realized.
Participating illustrators: A Melika, Yoriyuki Ikegami, Ayako Ishiguro, Misaki Kihara, Yoko Kuno, Gemi, Keiji Yano (honorific titles omitted)

<My favorite card selected by 20 “Pokemon card game certified illustrators”>
Twenty certified illustrators picked up one from the illustrations of the “Pokemon Card Game” that they have drawn so far. I will introduce it with comments.
Contributors: Anesaki Dynamic, Hideki Ishikawa, Hiba Iri, Akira Egawa, Naoyo Kimura, Fumi Kusube, Akira Komayama, Komiya Tomokazu, Naoki Saito, Sanosuke Sakuma, Sato Narumi, Shibuzo, SUI, chibi, Tsuruta Saya, Makoto Nagasawa, Nagimiso, Yukiko Baba, Hyogonosuke, Ryudai Murayama (honorific title omitted)

Release Date:
January, 2021

Author profile

Ryoji Arai

Born in Yamagata Prefecture in 1956. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Art.

1986 Selected for “4th The Choice” sponsored by Genkosha. In 1990, announced “MELODY” and started making picture books. In 1991, “Yukkuri and Jojoni” was exhibited as a representative of Japan at the “Keats Award”, which is the worldwide newcomer award for picture books. It is said to be a picture book writer representing the 90’s. In 2005, she received the Swedish Children’s and Children’s Literature Award “The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award”.

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Born in Osaka in 1981. Painter and picture book writer. Began working as a painter in 2004. The exhibitions of works such as individual exhibitions and group exhibitions are energetically performed all over the country, and in a relaxed style, animals and plants are drawn vividly and attract attention. We are also focusing on workshops mainly for children. In 2012, she made her debut as a picture book in “Okami Ga Tobu Hi” (East Press).

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