[OUTLET] Secrets of Color Schemes : Learn from the Works of Popular Painters

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Using examples of works by popular artists such as Akiakane, Fuzichoco, and Oriko Sakura, this book by a color expert unravels the secrets of attractive color schemes.

The book is useful for a wide range of people, from beginners who want to learn about color to professionals who want to try new color schemes.

Illustrators : Fuzichoco, Kaomin, POKImari, Anakone Tsukamoto, Oriko Sakura, Akiakane, Vomit Eguchi, Mizutamidori, Haruki Niwa, Akane Marubeni

[Table of Contents]
Features of this book
How to read this book

Fujichoko Gallery & Profile
Bride on the Shore
Goldfish teahouse in the face of the colorful phantoms

Kaoming Gallery & Profile
Once in a Lifetime
Street Corner

POKImari Gallery & Profile
Kowloon Girl
Cool Girls

Anabone Tsukamoto Gallery & Profile
Sea of Coconut
Glitter Stickers, Banana Flavored Cigarettes, My Children

Oriko Sakura Gallery & Profile
Healing Cat Cafe
Welcome to the fairy tale world

Akiakane Gallery & Profile
Shin -Sweets Monkey-
Takiyasha Princess

Outo Eguchi Gallery & Profile
Observation Fish
Medical Examination

Mizutametori Gallery & Profile
May the Light of Hope Shine on Your Dreams
The Forest and the Butterflies
Lunch and Flower-Patterned Mice

Niwaharuki Gallery & Profile
Slug Making
Racca – Akane Marubeni Gallery & Profile

Akane Marubeni Gallery and Profile
Midday Reveal
Labyrinth of Possibilities, Five Minutes to the Sea, Summer of Microgravity

Illustrator Q&A
Illustration Color Scheme Map
How to see colors
Explanation of Charts and Diagrams
Basics of Color Schemes


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May, 2022

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