[OUTLET] Abandoned mine town – Pochi work collection & drawing technique

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The first collection of works by the lyrical landscape painter Pochi.
Milky Way, Irido Cloud, Coal Mine, Three-dimensional City, Decayed Train, Moonlight
Full of light and air drawing techniques!

[Recommended comment by Seiji Yoshida (illustrator)]
A luxurious world of works with many layers of information such as people’s lives and the history of the city, which is not limited to fantastic scenery.
The charm of “living city” is packed in this painting.

【table of contents】
Abandoned mine town
Submerged city

How to draw a fantasy landscape

01 How to create a world setting

02 Perth Basics

How to create a custom brush

03 “Today begins” One-point perspective and morning atmosphere
04 “Summer sunshine” Deformation One-point perspective, entrance clouds and strong light at noon
05 “Favorite on the way home” Two-point perspective and iron bridge
06 “Moonlight Guidepost” Telephoto compression composition, drawing a contrast between natural light and artificial light
07. “The city lights are forever” The composition of the night view and fisheye of the three-dimensional city and downtown area
08 “Stars and the Milky Way” Fisheye Perth and Aori Composition “Starscape Photography” Technique

Work description

Home atelier introduction

Release Date:
February, 2021

Author profile


Born in 1994. An illustrator and designer from Shiga prefecture who lives in

Born in Osaka in 1990, he is an illustrator living in Gifu prefecture.
Under the theme of “warmth of people’s lives,” he creates landscape illustrations centered on the creative world “Abandoned Mines Town,” which is unlikely to exist anywhere. In recent years, he has worked extensively on book design and CD jackets.

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