[OUTLET] CINEMATIC ILLUSTRATION – A New Generation of Illustrators who Draw Moving Moments

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This book has damage on the top of the spine.

This book is a collection of works that introduces 24 illustrators and their works that depict moving moments in everyday life.

None of the scenes depicted are exaggerated. The momentary beauty that dwells in nameless scenes of everyday life, and the swaying emotions behind the restrained facial expressions of people, are depicted with realistic light, air flow, and colors.

These works have the power to evoke memories, evoke sympathy, and move our emotions because they are realistic expressions without exaggeration.

This book is an attempt to put together such a group of works under the title [CINEMATIC ILLUSTRATION].


●Luxury interviews with 24 authors
●High-quality printing and realistic layout that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of the work
●PUR binding that opens firmly 180 degrees

■ Listed authors (in alphabetical order, titles omitted)
Akioka/Kogomi Akino/Akima/Ajishimi/Arihana/Usumiya/Tomoko Oshima/Ki<hi/Jun Kumaori/Sina/zinbei/Tsukumi/Hanano Nakajima/Hata Haruka/hanio/hiko/Hiru/Fumino Mon/Fuyuto Sea/Remote Area/Minahamu/Monaka/Pomo Morita/Runrun

■ Cover illustration : Kogomi Akino

■Preface : Yu Tsukada

Release Date:
November, 2022

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