[OUTLET] A Day Colored by Lights. Shirone’s Collection – ILLUSTRATION MAKING & VISUAL BOOK

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Featuring a color tone where white stands out, these are classical yet contemporary works filled with modern melancholy. This is the eagerly awaited first collection and making-of by the illustrator shirone!

Shirone, a notable illustrator who has collaborated with many companies, creates works that evoke a sense of contemporary femininity with an atmosphere reminiscent of fairy tale illustrations and expressions tinged with melancholy.

This luxurious collection includes carefully selected works tracing the transition from shirone’s early career to the present, along with newly drawn pieces. The making-of, revealing the backstage process of how the works are created, is also a highlight.

Additionally, the collection contains a newly drawn piece expressing the behind-the-story of the cover illustration and an interview delving into the secrets of shirone’s creativity.

The book is in a large B5 wide size format with cutting-edge high-definition printing (Brilliant Palette), allowing readers to fully enjoy the original charm of the works in every detail.

Release Date:
February, 2024

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An illustrator with a classical atmosphere reminiscent of fairy tale illustrations, yet the expressions tinged with melancholy evoke a contemporary femininity. She prefers to draw a style that combines girls with translucent white skin and white hair with creatures. In addition to character design, she provides a wide range of artwork for music videos, albums, and book covers.

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