[OUTLET] ILLUSTRATION 2020 – Works of 150 Japanese Illustrators

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This book has damage on the top left of the front cover.

A pictorial record that symbolizes the “now” of Japanese illustration. From a wide variety of pop culture to contemporary art and ever-changing online culture,
It is a gorgeous competition by 150 talented writers who have crossed over a variety of Japan’s unique illustration scenes that are attracting world attention.


The cover illustration for 2020 will be handled by Daisuke Richard, an illustrator who has been attracting attention from the younger generation mainly due to its light lines and pop color sense.

Book design is performed by Tomoyuki Arima, an up-and-coming designer that many authors trust.

In addition, on the printing side of this book, the latest printing technology “Brilliant Palette”, which is specialized for art books and art prints, is adopted in order to fully enjoy the attractiveness of each artist’s view of the world, colors and brushstrokes.

At the end of the book, Asami Sato, a book designer who handles many bindings,
In addition to recording an interview with Hong Kong’s illustrator Little Thunder, which boasts about 600,000 Instagram followers, it also includes a special dialogue between Daisuke Richard and Tomoyuki Arima about the production process of this book cover design.


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December, 2019

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