[OUTLET] Pochi-pochi Pixel Art Written by UK Nakagawa : Let’s enjoy drawing pixel art freely!

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This book has damage on the top of the spine.

This is a book that explains how to draw pixel art under the theme of “Leisurely enjoy pixel art at your own pace!”

“EDGE” (freeware Ver.1.29) is used for pixel art production software.

It consists of 5 chapters, “Food”, “Animals/Creatures”, “People/Clothes”, “Vehicles/Nature”, and “Miscellaneous Goods/Furniture”, by motif.

There is no absolute right answer for how to draw pixel art and expression, and if you think “well done!”, that’s the correct answer.
With the author’s thoughts in mind, the commentary in this book provides “two stages of completion” before completing one motif.
You can end it with a simple expression of “once completed”, or you can go further and draw (type in) details to complete it.

The production process and completed form are provided for download as learning data.

[Chapter structure of this book]
Introduction How to use EDGE
Lesson 1 Food
Lesson2 Animals/Creatures
Lesson 3 Personality and clothing
Lesson 4 Vehicles/Nature
Lesson 5 Miscellaneous Goods/Furniture
Fun pixel art catalog

[Example of published motif]
Triangular rice ball/fried egg/cream coppé bread/manga meat/homemade rice/tomato pizza/cream soda/rabbit face/hamster/shiba inu/cat with bad eyes/panda/that alien/tsuchinoko/plump tuna/pearl necklace / T-shirt / Jeans / SD boy / SD girl / Rainbow / Yacht / Bus / Broadleaf tree / Coniferous tree / Morning glory / Cassette tape / Table / Sofa / Floral pot / Retro TV

Release Date:
March, 2023

Author profile

UK Nakagawa

Born in 1972, from Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture. He graduated from the animation department of Tokyo Designer Gakuin. After working for Data East Co., Ltd. and Chunsoft Co., Ltd. (at that time), he became independent. He is active in the 2D field, including illustrations, illustrations, comics, game graphics, and music PVs.

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