[OUTLET] NEO RETRO ILLUSTRATIONS : Creator’s File Expressing “Nostalgic and New”

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This book introduces 40 creators of the next generation whose illustrations incorporate retro moods and fresh sensibilities.

This book invites nostalgia for a bygone era, and for some, a fresh look.
The book contains approximately 250 “neo-retro” illustrations, which are creatively updated from the past and fresh for some.
At the end of the book, there is an interview with each of the featured artists. (In Japanese).
This book provides a glimpse into the roots and personalities of the artists as well as the trends and zeitgeist of the content both domestically and internationally.


[Cover illustration]

[Illustration drawn]
That’s Yu / Nekopota. / Harawa Tatsunko / Yoko

[Authors ](in alphabetical order, titles omitted)
AiLeeN / an / itousa / Inata / Inoue Noi / olive / Sawako Kageyama / Kamin / Reio Kisumi / Goro Sada / Kano Komori / Natsumi Sato / 3000 / Sanho / Haruna Sudo / Soreyu / tabi / Choo / TV ? CHANY / NAKAKI PANTZ / NANCYSNAKE / Nekopota. / Noco. / Hachika / Hana Chatani / Hanabushi / Harawa Tatsunko / PHI / Hitachi Catherine / HOHOEMI / mawawiz / Mourning dress / Mizunohiro / Monyochita Pomichi / Yoko / Rusk / Rick / RING / Rorurari / wacca

Release Date:
April, 2022

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