[OUTLET] Waltz of Department Store Presented by Hiromi Matsuo

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The first commercial book by Hiromi Matsuo, one of the hottest artists in Japan today.
From the building to each of the products, “Mitsubeni Department Store” is depicted as if it actually existed. A collection of all-color comics and illustrations!

The story takes place in the early 20th century at a fictional department store “Mitsubeni Department Store” in a provincial city. On the roof of the magnificent building is a giant Ferris wheel. Modernity and romance are scattered in each sales area surrounded by gorgeous and modern interior decorations. Cartoons and illustrations introduce each sales floor, its people, and its products.
Please enjoy the modern romanticism of mixing the East and the West, depicted with vivid colors and delicate brush strokes.

■1F …… Clothing Department and General Merchandise Department illustrations, cartoon “Labyrinth of the Sales Floor”
■2F …… Cosmetics DepartmentIllustrations, Manga “The Fragrance of Flowers in Faraway Land”
■3F…… Kimono Department Illustrations, Manga “Walking in the Autumn”
■4F……Women’s Clothing Department, Manga “First Western Clothing”
■5F……Men’s Clothing Department, Stationery Department, Coffee Room
■6F…… Dining Hall, Manga “On Business”
■Rooftop…… rooftop garden
*Each floor has a mini-column.
■Publicity Department Reference Room…… displays PR magazines and posters of the Mitsubeni Department Store


Release Date:
January, 2016

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Matsuo Hiromi

Illustrator. Lives in Okayama. Her books include “Department Store Waltz” and “Illustration Making & Visual Book Hiromi Matsuo”. She is also active in book design. She likes kimono and modern architecture.

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