[OUTLET] How to draw mini characters: Basic and expression techniques for drawing “small and cute”

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Chiharu Yumenouchi, an illustrator who is active on the front line of mini character production, explains the professional method of maximizing the charm of “small and cute”!

You can learn a variety of techniques, from basic drawing techniques to facial expressions, poses, fashion variations, and coloring.
The commentary is centered on newly drawn illustrations, so you can see the tricks of how to draw with your own eyes. It is safe for those who are not good at reading and understanding sentences carefully.

In addition, how to make acrylic goods and can badges, character design guides for popular themes such as school uniforms, princes, and wizards are also posted!
It is full of hints for creating mini characters that are useful for creation.

In addition, it comes with downloadable data for traceable body poses!

<Features of this book>
・Explanation from the basic drawing method, even for beginners
・It is easy to understand because it is an explanation centered on illustrations
・Know the tricks to express the facial expressions and poses you want to draw

<Contents of this document>
Chapter 1 Mini character basics
Chapter 2 Expressing facial expressions and poses
Chapter 3 Representation of fashion and accessories
Chapter 4 Coloring method
Chapter 5 Work production process
Chapter 6 Thematic Design Guide
Chapter 7 Pose material collection

Release Date:
October, 2022

Author profile

Chiharu Yumenouchi

After working for a social game company, became independent as an illustrator in February 2016.

Currently, she is mainly active in creating illustrations for commercial goods.

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Chiharu Yumenouchi


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