[OUTLET] Tips for Designing Anthropomorphic Character – Beastman/ non-human characters

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A book on the techniques of “Inhumanity”, infused with a wealth of knowledge and love for living creatures. The author of “Jinba” and “Warrior of the Iron World (Tekkai no Senshi)” explains how to design and draw “non-human” creatures!

The word “non-human” can be used to describe a wide range of expressions, from “anthropomorphic,” “beastman,” and “chemomimi,” which are more human-like, to “creature” and “monster,” which are more animal-like. The required expressions vary depending on the media in which the creature is depicted, such as manga, anime, and video games, and we will explain the different types of depictions.

The characters can be vividly expressed by understanding not only the external appearance of the creature to be depicted, but also its physical structure, the way it moves, and even its ecology, and projecting these into the character’s personality and behavior.

The explanations, which go beyond drawing techniques to include observation methods and ways of thinking, are backed by the author’s respect for and extensive knowledge of living creatures.

Chapter 1: Basic Knowledge of Drawing for Cartoons, Animations, and Games
Chapter 2: Anthropomorphic Mammals
Chapter 3: Anthropomorphism of Birds and Reptiles
Chapter 4: Anthropomorphic Arthropods
Chapter 5: Anthropomorphic Fish
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Release Date:
August, 2021

Author profile

Ryo Sumiyoshi

Comic artist, illustrator.
In 2006, he joined the game production company Capcom and was in charge of 3D modeling and character design for games such as the “Monster Hunter” series. In 2015, he became a freelancer, working on manga writing, game design, and anime character design.

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Ryo Sumiyoshi


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