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This book has a crease in the bottom left corner of the cover.

Character design instruction book taught by popular animator Yuhei Murota for the first time

The author, Yuhei Murota, is in charge of character design for the “Love Live!” Series, such as the blockbuster movie “Love Live! Sunshine !! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow”.

Based on the newly drawn line drawings and illustrations, I will explain the design technique of the attractive character drawn by his boyfriend.

It is a Murota-style design book that was created with the author’s desire to “deliver a book that thinks about character design in a form that is a bit different from existing books and that is closer to practice.”

Mr. Murota’s proposals such as “designing female and male idol characters”, “cuteness and charm made by girls”, “how to choose colors in design”, and “how to match idol costumes” are packed.

Release Date:
September, 2020

Author profile

Yuhei Murota

Animator and character designer. After a year of training at Wakagi Juku (currently Sunrise Drawing School), he signed an exclusive contract with Sunrise as a freelance animator.

After that, the TV anime “Love Live!”, Which he designed as a character, became a big hit and became a series. He has been successful in various media such as movies and games. He is still active mainly in Sunrise’s works.

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