[OUTLET] YASUO OHTSUKA Mechanical Works: “Lupin III” with cars and locomotives

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Yasuo Ohtsuka, a master of the animation world, is said to have “no equal when it comes to drawing vehicle mecha. This book explores the origin of Otsuka’s work!

At the end of the Pacific War, He was impressed by a steam locomotive he saw in his hometown, and began sketching it. When the Allied Forces arrived with the defeat of the war, he was also fascinated by the military vehicles and pursued the principles of their movements.
His observations led him to create dynamic drawings, and he has been a driving force in Japanese animation since its early days. His works such as “Lupin the Third: Cagliostro’s Castle” have created famous car scenes that have astonished the world.

He has also used his vast knowledge of mechanics to help create models. He contributed to the birth of Tamiya’s popular “Comical Mini 4WD” series.
This book unravels the mechanical world of Yasuo Ohtsuka through the following sections: “Lupin III and Mechanics,” “Military Vehicles,” “Models, RC Cars, and Mini 4WD,” and “Locomotives.

Also included are colorful letters contributed by animators who admire Ohtsuka.
The book will also include the story behind the creation of the TV series “Lupin the Third: Part 1,” as well as contributions from celebrities who are close to Otsuka.
The book is a gem that looks back on the multifaceted achievements of Yasuo Ohtsuka.

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July, 2020

Author profile

Yasuo Ohtsuka

Born July 11, 1931. Born in Shimane prefecture.
Joined Toei Animation in 1957. He has worked on original drawings such as Japan’s first full-scale color feature-length animation “The Tale of the White Serpent” and “Wanpaku Prince’s Great Snake Extermination”. In 1965, he was in charge of the animation director for “The Adventures of the Prince of the Sun, Horus”. After that, he worked on works such as “Moomin”, “Lupin III”, “Future Boy Conan”, and “Jarinko Chie” in Tokyo movies and Nippon Animation.
He is an avid jeep enthusiast and will publish the Military Vehicle Journal, a military vehicle research journal, at his own expense from 1989 to 2000.
He cooperated with the design supervision of model companies such as Tamiya and contributed to the birth of a famous car model full of dynamism.

He is an honorary member of the Japan Animation Association.
In 1998, he won the 3rd Animation Kobe Special Award.
In 2002, he received the Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioner’s Award.
In 2008, received the 4th Achievement Award from Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008.
In 2019, he won the 42nd Japan Academy Prize for Special Award.

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